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Consolidating and building upon the many promising practices that reinforce the strong human rights and development dimensions of housing and land.


Area of Focus 1

Policy and Legal Mechanisms for Restitution and Documentation

Provisions for the restitution of housing, land and property for returnee men and women in national land policies and land laws - as per the 'Right to Adequate Housing' and in accordance with International Law.

This multi-stakeholder pledge has been formulated on the premise that efforts toward effectively increasing the proportion of forcibly displaced men, women and children with secure access to housing and land, must be underscored by greater burden- and responsibility sharing. Member States and other prospective pledging entities – including multi-lateral financial institutions, development cooperation and foreign aid agencies, refugee-led, civil society and humanitarian organizations – are hereby being encouraged to consider a renewed focus on and commitment to the following ‘Areas of Focus’.

Area of Focus 2

Defined Evidence of Tenure Security

Accommodations (policy, legal, regulatory, institutional and technical provisions) toward documentation of tenure or improved perceptions of tenure security in areas of return and reintegration for returnee men, women and children (including adequate/fit-for-purpose measures for timely and sustainable restitution, dispute resolution, and transitional justice).

Area of Focus 3

Material and/or In-kind Support for Programme Design and Implementation

Resource mobilization (via earmarked financial instruments and development cooperation mechanisms), technical assistance, and other forms of material and/or in-kind support for addressing the barriers to secure land tenure for returnee men, women and children.

Area of Focus 4

Statistical Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced Persons in SDG Indicator Monitoring

Capacity-building (via methodological guidance, training, technical assistance, and earmarked financing) for National Statistical Offices towards towards the statistical inclusion of forcibly displaced persons - by way of tracking progress on tenure security (SDG Indicator 1.4.2) for returnee men, women and children in countries of origin.


Join us as we mobilize additional resources and enhanced planning and programme implementation in support of voluntary returns, and improved capacities and cooperation among key actors for addressing the root causes of forced displacement in countries of origin. Together, we can make a real difference.

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