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Transform how services are delivered to improve outcomes for refugees


Transform how services are delivered to improve outcomes for refugees


Instiglio pledges to support the multistakeholder pledges related to (i) Economic Inclusion and Social Protection, (ii) National health system inclusion, (iii) Skills-Based Complementary Pathways, (iv) Secure access to housing, land, and property, (v) Child rights, and (vi) Localization by providing technical assistance to design and implement results-oriented projects in partnership with the key actors. Our efforts aim to (i) expand government partnerships to increase quantifiable and demonstrative social outcomes for this focus population, (ii) partner with non-government entities to transform the displaced people system and enhance burden and responsibility sharing, and (iii) power up a knowledge and policy hub in the international development space for this population.

To date, Instiglio has partnered with (i) the Medellin city Mayor's Office in Colombia to design a housing results-based project for homeless people, mostly Venezuelan migrants, (ii) the Office of the Prime Minister in Uganda to strengthen the functionality and utilizations its integrated refugee data system – the Uganda Refugee Response Monitoring System (URRMS), (iii) the Ministry of Labor and Skills in Ethiopia to develop recommendation on how to integrate results-based approaches into the TILA program, which is backed by the Mastercard Foundation's Young Africa Works strategy to address labour market challenges faced by marginalized groups like internally displaced persons and refugees, (iv) the Addis Ababa city Mayor's Office in Ethiopia to design results-based project to enhance results for the Children: Future Hope of Addis Ababa ECD Program, which aims to ensure that, by 2026, all children in Addis Ababa have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for Ethiopia, (v) Los Andes University to provide technical assistance in the design of a results-based project to support the scale of their Semillas de Apego program which fosters healthy child-parent attachments to promote healthy emotional development amid adverse circumstances, vi) FUDELA, an NGO in Ecuador, to design and implement a results-based pilot to incentivize childcare centers to improve the quality of their service delivery for children in vulnerable conditions, including Venezuelan migrants.

Moreover, Instiglio has engaged with key stakeholders in the refugee ecosystem such as the World Bank (GPRBA - Urban Forced Displacement team), the Migration Unit at the Inter-American Development Bank, the U.S. State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM), USAID, and refugee-led organizations to promote the use of results-oriented approached. Doing so, we want to attract more funding to and enhance the effectiveness of programs for refugees.

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