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Somali government's pledges for the global refugee forum

Government of Somalia

Somali government's pledges for the global refugee forum


The Somali government through National Commission for Refugees and IDPs (NCRI) is pleased to present its commitments for the Global Refugee Forum. Somalia, as a fragile and conflict-affected state, is pledging to:

  1. Adopt legal frameworks;

  2. Include refugees and IDPs in the government policies and climate actions;

  3. Raise public awareness;

  4. Build partnerships; and

  5. Use data-driven decision-making.

NCRI pledges to raise public awareness and mobilize support from national and international stakeholders, including civil society, media, academia, private sector, and donors, to increase their engagement and commitment to finding durable solutions for refugees, and forcibly displaced people in Somalia.

The NCRI will also seek to enhance its coordination and collaboration with relevant ministries, agencies, and partners to ensure a coherent and comprehensive approach to displacement issues. The commitments are the result of a comprehensive stakeholder consultation process involving the federal government, the federal member states, the refugees and IPDs communities, the private sector, and the international partners.

The plan is based on the international refugee regime, and in line with the NCRI’s 5-year strategic plan, the national climate actions (NDCs), and aims to address the complex and interrelated challenges of refugees, internally displaced people, and their host communities in Somalia by building partnerships and engaging with the global community.

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