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Creating enabling conditions for sustainable returns, enhancing peacebuilding, provision of basic services, integration

Government of South Sudan

Creating enabling conditions for sustainable returns, enhancing peacebuilding, provision of basic services, integration


The Government of South Sudan commits by 2027 to Creating enabling conditions for sustainable returns of South Sudanese, enhancing peacebuilding, and provision of basic services through inclusive re/integration and participation of refugees, returnees, IDPs, and host communities, removing access to justice barriers for women and other vulnerable groups through:

  1. Roll-out of the National Durable Solutions Strategy and Plan of Action 2023 by 2024, capacitating the local governments, engaging the private sector and development actors, and building the resilience capacities of refugees, returnees, IDPs, and host communities;

  2. Improving inclusive housing, land, and property rights and governance policies by 2027- through capacity sharing with formal and customary land administration structures to strengthen inclusive local dispute resolution mechanisms, land restitution, and establishing the Reconstruction Fund with an underpinned by equitable support to returnees and host communities;

  3. Enhancing the integrated refugee-host settlements planning in refugee-hosting areas, building on peaceful coexistence, and resilient capacities among the refugees and hosting communities by 2027 – This includes but is not limited to conducting assessments to identify risks (such as protection, environmental, or security, etc.) through community engagement/participation and taking proactive measures/activities to strengthen local resilience capacities;

  4. Creating an enabling environment for sustainable integration of the displaced population through improved, equitable, and safe access to basic services including comprehensive health, education, and economic opportunities by 2027;

  5. Enhancing Reconciliation and Peacebuilding Activities by 2027 – by reinforcing efforts to implement national and local, formal peacebuilding and reconciliation mechanisms for truth-seeking, accountability, and reparations for past and ongoing human rights breaches. This includes specific measures to enhance the safety and ensure the inclusion of victims of internal displacement, refugees, and refugee returnees;

  6. Improving access to justice and the rule of law by 2027- Strengthen formal and customary justice mechanisms at state, county, and/or local levels, including traditional dispute resolution mechanisms, and mobile courts possible, to expand effective access to justice for refugees, refugee returnees and other forcibly displaced and host communities; and

  7. Enhancing youth engagement through peacebuilding and alternative conflict resolution mechanisms as change agents to achieve sustainable peace by 2027. Support youth to participate in community-led initiatives including community organization, civil society engagement, empowering community leadership on early warning, conflict management, resolution, and mitigation and awareness raising on critical issues affecting communities such as intercommunal violence, cattle raiding, GBV, abductions and exclusion.

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